The provided dataset “Franchises Dataset” contains data collected from different 100 franchises. The data contains the net profit (million $) for each franchise, the counter sales (million $), the drive-through sales (million $), and the type of the franchise. 

Address the following questions: 

  1. a) Develop a Neural Network (NN) prediction model for the net profit (Number of layers = 3, dense layers, activation function of Tan, number of nodes in each layer = 20). 
  2. b) What is the forecast of the net profit, if the counter sales are 500,000 $, drive-through sales are 700,000$, and the franchise is a pizza store. Comment on the forecasted value. 
  3. c) What are the limitations of the model? 

Submit a PDF file for your answers as well as the excel sheet. Include the Python code in the PDF.