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The research paper is on Our Shiniest and the Brightest Stars of all: The Sun and will include information on the following characteristics – The Suns formation, Atmosphere, Sun Spots, the major Activities and Cycles, the Energy formations, and the Suns influence on the Earth.
Submit as a Word (.doc) file or a Rich Text Format (.rtf) file.
1. A 15-Pages Full Paper with minimum 8 different, cited references is offered with the same caveats; one source must be your textbook(Discovering the universe 11th edition by Neil F. Comins). typed double spaced pages following the MLA Style Sheet format requirements. Papers with less than 15 full pages, Excluding all of the Supporting Documents and References, will be returned ungraded and will receive a zero. Use a word processor with New Times Roman in 12-point font and one inch margins on ALL pages (or equivalent font).
2. Supporting Documents like: Pictures, Stats, Charts, Pies, and drawings must be used, but they cannot count as part of the 15 full plus, typed pages. Your title or your name or any footnotes cannot count as part of the pages.
3. A minimum of 8 cited references or footnotes from 8 different sources; one source must be your textbook. URLs from Internet sites are acceptable. Add the date you accessed the site.
4. In addition to the 15 pages you must have a cover page with your name, the title of the paper, the topic and number, the semester, and the date submitted.
5. You must research these 5-Sub_Topic assigned about The SUN with minimum Two Pages PLUS Each, Excluding the Pictures, Diagrams, ets…,for Each of the FIVE Sub Topics as early as possible. Please Note: Each Subtopic will be worth 20
***** The Research Topic: Our Shining Star, the Sun(100-Points or 10
%), must including all of these 5-Subtopics in Details Below (20
% each Sub Topic):
The Sun formation and its Classifications among other Stars (20
The Structure of the Sun (20
The Role of the Suns Spots on its surface and the Solar Winds (20
The Solar Eclipses and how it has been used by Scientists to further study the Coronas (the Utmost region of the Suns Atmosphere). (20
The Role of the Sun in supporting life on Planet Earth (20