There are so many options for vitamins and nutritional supplements. Additionally, there are many claims made about the importance and effectiveness of these vitamins. This week we focus on Fat soluble vitamins and supplements. 

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • Which fat soluble vitamins or supplements have you heard of? (preferably pick one you have tried or are thinking of trying).
  • From where did you get information about it and was the source reliable?Please use reference in APA format.
  • How do you decide if the information you receive is based in nutrition science or not? (Think and mention intended benefit, safe dose level, body’s actual need, whether fat soluble or insoluble, availability)
  • Explain and provide specific examples to support your response. (Include references)
  • Have you tried this fat soluble vitamin or supplement and what were the results if you did? Or why did you decide not to take/continue to take it?
  • Based on your research from reputable sources, should you take or continue to take this fat soluble vitamin or supplement? Include the reputable source.