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These questions are:

1. Why have individual behaviour change approaches to public health dominated over the past 50 years and what have been the consequences on this domination for those who work from a communitarian basis such as First Nations Peoples?

2. How has complex adaptive thinking influenced public health intervention planning?

3. Can complex social/public health project initiatives be effectively modeled with a single logic model? Why or why not? Considering First Nations Peoples, how would you approach a task like this?

4. A community development approach is an effective approach when working with First Nations people to plan and implement Public Health interventions partly because it ensures that the communities have ownership and oversight of decisions regarding the public health intervention. Reflecting on unit content and other literature, why are ownership and oversight of decisions important factors in ensuring the success of interventions in these communities?

5. Critical realism influences project planning, implementation and evaluation, describe how it influences healthy setting approaches to Public Health?