This individual assignment requires each student must provide the format of the assignment is an essay, which students may like to structure and break up into sections and headings (e.g. introduction, main text – subheadings and conclusion). Students do not need any abstract, executive summaries or appendices. The length of the assignment should be no less than 2,500 and no more than 3,000 words, excluding the Reference List.

The assignment should be submitted by the student by the submission date (Week 11) noted above as an electronic copy via Turnitin. No hardcopy submission is needed. Failure to submit on-time will be deemed to be a non-submission and attract appropriate penalties.


Your assignment should cover the followings;

1. Introduction and background of the hospitality organizations such as hotels, restaurants, bars, airlines, cruise ships, Airbnb, Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) in British Columbia / Canada.

2. The role of IT, social media, virtual media, digital marketing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), supply chains and its impact within the hospitality industry in British Columbia / Canada.

3. Discuss the the changing marketing communication across various demographic groups, developed and developing countries.

4. Critically discuss Value creation strategy, competitive advantage, make or buy decisions, cost and benefit analysis

5. Conclusion and recommendations discussion should be considered as problem-solving using decision-making models, user friendly, community platforms, gig-economy, future effective monitoring and evaluation of IT systems