This is a discussion about second chances. Would you hire or retain a driver who has had two, three, or even four moving violations in the last 3 years? Where would you draw the line on the number of violations? Would you give them a second chance if they begged you to and promised to do better in the future? Why, or why not?


I’m a firm believer in giving second chances but I don’t believe everyone is deserving of it.  However, it all depends on who the person is.  If after giving this person a second chance and they prove to do better without any other violations then great.  But if after giving a second chance and they failed to prove that they did not do better with having another violation, then there shouldn’t be any other chances after that.  After the second chance and they failed to prove me right, it would be hard for me to trust this person again.  And it would also be hard for me to give them another chance especially after having so many moving violations.  It’s a no for me.