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To begin this Assignment, select an organization of your choice that meets one of the following requirements: 

  • An organization you have worked with and are familiar with its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.
  • An organization about which enough literature has been published to describe the current state of its CSR initiatives or provide enough information for you to make an assessment.

Then, to complete this Assignment review  resources you have found  online, and respond to the following bullets in a 3 page academic paper In APA format. 

  • Provide a brief background on the organization, including industry, location, size, and products or services offered. 
  • Analyze the organization’s CSR.
  • Discuss 3 ways an HR professional can ensure the organization’s performance management system has a positive, dynamic relationship with corporate social responsibility initiatives.  
  • Outline strategies to improve or establish the organization’s program of CSR.