Topic 1 DQ 1

Spirituality according to my own view as working with patients from different cultures is power that one believes in that bring them forum of security. Many believe its supernatural power; many believe it’s written wisdom in bible. It can come in different forum for all people but then you will have a cultural group that have same beliefs.

Spirituality can influence many ways we take care of patients. Many times, I have seen people carry bible at their bedside or bring it when they are in hospital. It gives them strength to fight their illness. During end-of-life care often we involve spiritual personal in patients plan of care to provide support for dying individual and family. Many times, it helps family cope we death and provides dying patient sense of fullness and life with no regrets.

Using 200-300 words APA format with at least two references to support discussion.

 What would spirituality be according to your own worldview? How do you believe that your conception of spirituality would influence the way in which you care for patients?