Topic Chose: Ransomware 

The final presentation will be a professional presentation discussing your Contemporary Issues topic. The presentation will be evaluated on the following:

Presentation professionalism

  1. Professional dress and presentation of content
  1. Knowledge of presentation
  1. Language use and audience awareness

Technical components

  1. Appropriate use of visual aids
  1. Five lines; five words
  1. Large, clear type
  1. Professional fonts and cascades
  1. Each element has a specific purpose
  1. Speaker notes

The presentation must include each of the following:


  1. Problem statement is clearly described
  1. Current hypothesis
  1. Pitch your vision of the world where this is solved
  1. Go through the problem methodically and with precision


  1. Explain what the factors are and how they were determined
  1. Show a visual example of how this is measured


  1. Provide a clear model of the system, including a visual model
  1. Provide the analysis results of the current state of the system including the two visuals from Section 2
  1. Short and sweet explanations; if an explanation is too complex, provide an opportunity for discussion after presentation


  1. What are the solution options?
  1. Give a solid feasible solution
  1. Provide rationale for your decision with data
  1. Provide a vision of your implementation strategy

Values and Virtues

  1. Explain what steps were taken to ensure that the solution purposed is a moral and ethical decision. 
  1. How is your solution informed by the values and virtues of the Christian worldview?

NOTE: Please use attachment to finish the work and use each question as heading..