Topic: Incompetent nurses paper for ethic Direction: Introduction: Summary of


Topic: Incompetent nurses paper for ethic


 Introduction: Summary of what is known about the ethical issue Well summarized

Ethical Dimensions of the Issue Identified and Discussed (why is this an ethical issue) 

Relevance of the Ethical Issue to Health Professions/Nursing Relevance of the Ethical Issue to Nursing

Relevant Ethical Analysis (Principles, Ethical Theories, Laws, and Standards of Practice) Complete Analysis of Principles, Ethical Theories, Laws, and SOP 

Personal Professional Response to the Issue Thorough discussion 

Conclusion: Reflection of What you Learned Reflection clearly articulated 

 Correct APA Style (7th) 

Correct Length 7 pages of text, PLUS title page and references  

The paper will be 7 pages in length—and not exceeding 7 pages of text.     

Title page/references are NOT included in this count. Two points will be deducted for each page over the maximum number.

A pdf. version of the paper may NOT be submitted—only a Word document

Minimum of 3 professional nursing references, 5 years old or less (2016 to 2021) 

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