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Unit 3 AS: Why Parole?
Research the “why” of parole. You may use the textbook to provide you with a background regarding some of the arguments for parole, but your actual response must rely on credible research rather than the textbook. In addition to summarizing your research, be sure to discuss, analyze and evaluate the following questions:
1. 1.Why did parole originate in your opinion? .
2.Discuss the merits, value and implications of parole.
3. Has your home state adopted any policies, which are applicable to juvenile offenders? If so, please explain. If not, do you think that special policies should apply to juvenile offenders?
In addition to external research, remember to review the lecture, readings and resources for this unit to help you formulate your responses. Please be sure to fully develop your responses to each question presented. Your position, argument or rationale should never be assumed.