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Unit 5 DB: Analyzing an Advertisement for the Appeals (ENG110)
In this discussion, you will be analyzing an advertisement using the appeals.
Find an advertisement online, either a video or print, to analyze.
Pick an ad that you are interested in reviewing and be sure that it is academically appropriate.
Then write a short, three (3) paragraph analysis on how the advertisement uses the rhetorical appeals.
How are ethos, pathos, and logos used in the advertisement?
Please make sure to review the reading this week that focuses on the three rhetorical appeals.
Each paragraph in your discussion board should focus on a different appeal.
Finally, post a link to the advertisement at the end of your discussion board so that the class can take a look at it.
Unit 5 Discussion: Islam (HIS101)
Review and read current events articles from reputable news sources that are highlighting Sunni and Shiite relations worldwide.
Choose one article from your review, written in the last 5 years, to share with your classmates.
1. Provide a summary of the article.
2. Analyze how the events outlined in the article are related to tensions between differing Islamic views.
Make sure to provide a working hyperlink to the article in your post.
Unit 5.1 DB: Performance Mgmt and Evaluations (HRM411)
What is the relationship between performance management and performance evaluations?
How have you seen this relationship manifested in your professional life or the professional life of a family member or friend?
How could it be improved?
Unit 5.2 DB: Performance Evaluation Viability (HRM411)
Is the concept of performance evaluations passé? What type of motivation might Gen X, Y and Z want that’s different from Baby Boomers? Why? Interview family members or friends of these generations to validate your reasoning.