Use attachments from lac design and present an afterschool program

Use attachments from lac

design and present an afterschool program based on the principles/best practices presented in attachments. The paper must address/include the following topics:

  • Clearly Identified Name of Program
  • Population/ Demographic Served (Ages served)
  • Hours of Operation
  • Established Priorities
  • Goal(s) of Afterschool Program
  • Mission Statement of Afterschool Program
  • Services of Program
  • Activities of Program (academic, recreational, and/or cultural components)
  • Policies & Procedures for Afterschool Program (Include guidelines & rules regarding disruptive student and parent behavior, late pick-ups, irregular attendance, and participant drop-outs)
  • Special Considerations (optional)
  • Food/ Snacks served
  • Recruitment of Employees
  • Employee Committees
  • Ethical Considerations & Training of Employees
  • Proposed Budget (Employees, Food, Supplies, Building Maintenance, etc.)

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