Week 2: Omaha System Case Study & Home Visiting Go

Week 2: Omaha System Case Study & Home Visiting

Go to Omaha System Case Studies: https://www.omahasystem.org/casestudies
The case studies are listed at the bottom of the page (Emma, Janice, Francis, Bill, John, Julie, Tamika, or Joe). Choose one of the case studies and use your textbooks and other resources to answer the following questions:
1. What key criteria will the PHN need to consider for a successful first visit?
2. How will the PHN establish and maintain professional boundaries?
3. What is an ethical challenge that the PHN may encounter with the client?
4. How does the scope of PHN practice guide the responsibilities of the public health nurse in the chosen case study?
5. Identify key communication skills to assure respectful interaction with the client.
6. Describe the components of the nursing process in the planned home visit?
7. Identify components of a Family Assessment that could be used to assess this individual/family (refer to Family Assessment tools used in Nurs 362).
8. Identify priority problems for this individual/family.
9. Identify a plan and nursing interventions for this individual/family. Expand on what was written in the case study.
10. Identify a plan to evaluate the problem outcome.

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