1. What are today’s most pressing drug-related issues, and what can the police attempt to do about them?
  2. What is the legal status of medical and recreational use of marijuana?
  3. Do you feel marijuana should be legalized in all states? If so, why, if not, why not?
  4. Senate Bill 319 was recently passed by the Georgia Senate and now goes to the state house for approval. Research this bill and state your position in support of opposition of the bill. Explain why you support or don’t support the bill. 
  5. In Congress, the House just passed legislation to remove marijuana from the list of controlled substances. This would clear the way for states to have greater discretions in legalizing marijuana; however, it still has to pass the Senate. Do you think the Senate will pass it with a required 60 votes? If so, why, or if not, why not?