“White-collar crime and the public’s view as to the huge differences

This paper should be written in APA style. This paper should also be presented in the viewpoint of someone in the criminal justice field (AJ). No more than six (6) pages. The pages must be numbered. No running head Name and date must appear on the upper left hand side. No plagiarism No cover page In the first three (3) paragraphs the “meat and potatoes” of the paper should be in the Introduction as well as the literature review. The title of the paper can be called “

White-collar crime and the public’s view as to the huge differences in the sentencing and punishments in comparison to crime” The course objective is: • To apply your cumulative understanding and skills to specific research situations. • The perspective of this course is to help you make a realistic transition from course work to thesis/dissertation. • Conduct a focused review of the relevant literature and create appropriate conceptual framework. • Develop a realistic research design with specific research strategies, • Think through and articulate a chapter-by chapter outline • Communicate research ideas and their appropriate theoretical issues effectively and efficiently • Critique others ideas paying attention to both theoretical and methodological rigor and application • Empahsis will be palced on conceptualization, theory, measurement and ethics. In this paper it must examine the dissertation and article literature review. This paper must provide an outline and cursory overview of the dissertation literature review (Introduction, theoretical framework, and background/historical Sections. Detailed the outline of Chapter 2. After assessing this literature, this paper should be able to answer the following questions: • Why should we further study this research topic/problem? • What contributions will this study make to the existing literature? Justify the need for the research (that will be conducted) and the research question). What are the outlayers, what did they say that was different from everyone else.

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