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Whoever does this discussion, I will need you throughout my entire course for the next 8 weeks because this discussion will be based of a paper that I will have to turn in at the end of my course. Below is the first discussion….


Go to the course guide and review the requirements for the Strategic Communications Plan assignment due in Week 4. Provide a brief overview of your strategic communications plan. Include a short description for each of the following in bullet-point format:

  • The Purpose of the Communication.
  • Your Goal.
  • Audience.
  • Key Message.
  • Supporting Points.
  • Channel Selection.
  • Action Request.

Below are the topics to choose from. I would like to do New Job Opportunities 

 COMMUNICATION CHALLENGE TOPICS Choose one of the following topics for your assignments. • Internal Promotion Opportunity • New Job Opportunity Interview • Running a Meeting • Coaching Your Direct Employees • Pitching a Project Idea