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Working independently, identify and discuss how a company selects a segmentation strategy to identify the unique characteristics of the population segment most likely to need and purchase its offerings.

Be sure to discuss the available segmentation strategies (demographic, psychographic, socio-cultural, or an SIC industry classification) the company would most likely use, as well as compare and contrast the B2B vs B2C characteristics. Finally, determine if your selected company (Alphabet inc) will use a B2B or a B2C segmentation strategy. 

Your paper should be 1-2 pages (excluding the cover sheet and References pages) written in the correct APA writing style. Please proof carefully for grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. 

Below I have attached all the previous assignments to give clarity on what company we are doing this assignment off of. it is part of one big project that is broken up into smaller pieces but all focused on the same company.