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Application and implications for practice come from the interpretation of meaning from research findings. Communicating and using research evidence is an expectation of a BSN graduate.

  • Select and describe one of the conclusions from the required article from the Week 6 assignment that you found interesting and applicable to practice. Describe how you would apply the evidence to improve nursing practice. Explain your answer.
  • Discuss ways you would disseminate research-based evidence; how would you share with your peers? Include your thoughts on why it is important for you to be involved in communicating and applying nursing research evidence.


  1. Give a brief description how you would assess the reproductive system of a male or female patient, young adult, middle age, or older patient (choose).You may only cover one aspect of the assessment.
  2. Discuss, in brief, one psychosocial or psychological impact of the effect of breast disorder of a patient. Choose which disorder you want to talk about.
  3. Discuss, in brief, one gynecologic problem of a patient. Choose which disorder you want to talk about.

You have been asked to develop a quality improvement (QI) process for your medical facility employer. You have previously established the skill sets required for QI team members. The chief information officer has asked you what areas you will be analyzing and how you will determine if your project was successful or not. Complete the following:

  • Write a paper that details the method that you will use to quantitatively and qualitatively measure your QI process for various QI areas in your health care facility.