Write a two-paragraph summary of your thoughts of the videos:

Write a two-paragraph summary of your thoughts of the videos:



Write a one-paragraph summary of each video–6 sentences per paragraph. Make sure you identify what cognition is in your summary. Please make sure your paragraphs are at least six sentences long. You can write more than two paragraphs. Please identify at least two new things you learned about cognition.

Then, select the answer for the scenario on language:

Susan and her husband, Terence, adopted a baby boy from another country. Their son is four months old, and they are worried because they are not sure he was exposed to a lot of talking before they adopted him. What advice would you give these nervous new parents?

(a) They should be worried. They should bombard their new son with words and reward any indication of talking throughout his childhood.

(b) They should not have to worry. In some cultures, children are rarely talked to, but all kids (except in extreme cases) learn to talk. They should enjoy talking with and reading to their new little guy but also feel confident that he will certainly acquire language.

(c) They should be worried, especially because their child is a boy.

(d) We simply cannot know what the future holds for their son because language is mostly genetic anyway.

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