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You and your co-worker are planning a curriculum night to share the wonderful happenings in the program with your families. You value family partnerships and want to ensure the curriculum night includes opportunities for each family to participate.

As you reflect on the families you serve, you realize the following:

  • One family’s preferred language is Spanish.
  • Two families indicated they are unable to attend on-site programmatic events due to busy work schedules.
  • Two families indicated a strong desire to volunteer and participate in hands-on ways within their child’s program.
  • One family does not have regular access to the internet.

Create a 1-2-page newsletter to invite the families to the curriculum night that:

  • Explains the general information and logistics for the curriculum night.
  • Describes the importance of family partnerships in the program.
  • Shows alignment with developmentally appropriate practice.
  • Illustrates options for the event to meet the unique needs and preferences of the families described above.
  • Shows alignment with developmentally appropriate practice.
  • Uses at least one credible source to support your ideas with correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation in the 1-2-page curriculum night newsletter.