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You have recently been hired as a Tier 1 cybersecurity specialist working on the Network Administration Team at HU Investment Firm.
During the course of your work week, you are often called upon to present technical information to non-technical people in your Firm.
This week assignment has 2 parts, a presentation and an additional step-by-step guide for the incoming tier 1 support staff.
Digital Certificate Presentation
Create a slide presentation on Digital Certificates with a minimum of 12 slides.
Use screenshots or graphics when appropriate, minimum of 2
Define digital certificates and explain how they are used
Describe the reasons for using digital certificates and why they are important to HU Investment Firm
Demonstrate how to create certificates and apply them to messages using MS Outlook
Provide at least 2 references on your last slide in APA format
Instructional Guide
Write a help document including step-by-step instructions for the Support Teams Knowledge Base wiki
Include at least 2 screenshots as references
Describe the process that encrypted MS Outlook message go through and explain why
Explain the problems that
can arise from encryption and how to troubleshoot for those problems
Include at least 2 external resources that technicians can use for more information