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You should read “Constructing the Thesis
(Links to an external site.)” and “Intros and Outros
(Links to an external site.)” in Guptill.
After that, you should write and submit a three-story thesis. The “Constructing the Thesis” chapter has several examples. Please note that for this, you are only submitting the thesis, which will be a maximum of 2 sentences.
After you receive feedback on your thesis, you can move to working on your rough draft.
The paper should follow the guidelines in Guptill for constructing an “organic college paper” not a “five-paragraph theme.” If the material in the book does not make sense, please reach out to me.
Your paper should use (and properly cite) at least 4 sources. At least 1 of your sources should be scholarly.
You can use the sources from your annotated bib, but you will likely want to expand beyond those sources. You may also use the assigned readings from the class in your paper, but they do not count towards your 4 sources! Also, remember that you are not limited to only written sources. Credible information can be found in many different formats, including documentaries, podcasts, interviews, and news programs.
The paper should use MLA format, including in-text citations and a properly formatted Works Cited page. The paper should be minimum 1000 words.
The Purdue OWL is a wonderful resource. Their materials for in-text citation can be found here
(Links to an external site.).
And their materials for a works cited page can be found here
(Links to an external site.).
The paper should be written in first person.