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Your assignment is to read and create a literature review of the text. Students are instructed to complete three major tasks:
1. Examine
Explain what the article is about and why the article was written (its significance). (Hint: Compare virus effect on Africa vs. Europe/N. America)
2. Analyze
Describe the substance of the text. What are the points being made (considerations) and the motivation behind the creation of the article? (Hint: Address the current Ethiopian fear of spread since the virus was not as harmful as it was in Europe)
3. Predict
Where is this topic going? What will be the effects of the text and general topic as time moves forward? (Hint: Compare how individual rights are balanced in developing states like Ethiopia to Europe)
The paper should be a full two pages with at least two other/outside sources that justify or argue against the text’s points. You can footnote with any good word processor software (see YouTube for some guides to do footnotes … it’s easy).
Font = Times New Roman
Spacing = 1.5
Margins = Normal
Pages = 2
NB: This is a great way to improve your grade. I allow for any direction you would like to take this assignment. Moreover, the final part of this short paper (the prediction) is up to you and no two students will be the same. If you have questions about this assignment, the writing center or going online will help. Upload by the deadline.
Article selected for your class:
Reuters, CNN Africa Desk, “Refusing to wear a mask in Ethiopia could cost you two years in jail,” International Africa, 23 October, 2020.
Go online and read this short article, then address the points mentioned above.
Ethiopia can jail people for up to two years if they deliberately violate restrictions aimed at curbing the spread of Covid-19, the attorney generals office said, amid concern that citizens are becoming lax after a state of emergency was lifted.