Your job is to write a research paper for the Florida State governor to use as the basis for hisher

Your job is to write a research paper for the Florida State governor to use as the basis for his/her decision on this issue.
Issue: the denial of the
waiver of very young offenders (namely, “kids that kill”) to adult court and making them subject to adult processing and punishment.
Main focus :will be on brain development of kids between the ages of 9 and 15 years old and kids who are subjected to adult punishments do not get the chance to truly rehabilitate and learn from their mistakes. A
kid that kills at the age of 10 does not have the same brain functionality as a 25 year old and should not be held to the same punishments.
Please adhere to these directives:
Number of Pages: 12
Title page, Abstract, Introduction, Body of the Paper, Conclusion.
The papers should have a brief introduction, appropriate transitions between topic areas, and a short conclusion. I am interested in each student’s ability to craft an organized approach to an ethical issue in criminal justice.
Synthesize the literature on the subject and critically assess the ethical issue.
Substance: Each student should be able to craft a well-reasoned ethical argument. Since we will be addressing “hot” topics of current debate, emotions will run high. However, please try to support your argument with more than just emotion. Where appropriate, essays should draw from course readings, lectures, and discussions particular to the subject matter.
Consult at least five (5) outside peer reviewed sources to complete this assignment (the course readings do not count). Please consider the five-source requirement as establishing the baseline; students seeking higher grades are advised to broaden their research.
and searched on Proquest Criminal Justice library.
APA citation
is an absolute MUST!!
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