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Your summary of “Income Inequality Is Not Unfair and Does Not Need to Be Eliminated” should be no more than two double spaced pages. Include enough detail in your summary so that someone who has not read the article can know as much about it as if they had read it. You will need to mention the title, the author, where the article comes from, and the date near the beginning of your summary where everyone can see them. Begin with a clear statement of the main idea of the article. You should also include a few key quotes to help clarify what is being said in the article. Make sure the direct quotes are contained within quotation marks. You may include your reactions to the information in the summary. These will not be in quotation marks. Keep your thesis (the new one) in mind while selecting material from this article.
When you are using a direct quote, remember to use standard citation format: signal phrase or word (Brooks says or argues ) and quotation marks. It is important to do this so that your readers and you know the difference between what the author said and what you said. Don’t get these kinds of statements confused.
Check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation.